Swindon’s Bathstore has declared independence.

Following the collapse of Bathstore last month, Swindon’s franchise seemed to be doomed to close.

However, director Nick Butcher is hoping to breathe new life into the store in the coming months.

Nick said: “At the moment we’re in negotiations to take the lease over from Bathstore.

“We’re currently in the transformation process from Bathstore to Panoramic Bathrooms.

“So, we’re selling off the displays and all the old stock before getting our new stuff in and opening up again.

“Luckily we’ve managed to save the three staff that work here and re-open as a fully independent store.”

Panoramic Bathrooms doesn’t have an opening date, but Nick is hopeful it won’t be much longer.

On the national side, Homebase have recently bought the rights to the Bathstore website and 44 of the stores, saving around 175 jobs, but still leaving over 200 in the balance.