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Brexit not for freedom

Given the supreme irony that both mainstream supporters of the EU and supporters of Brexit support neo-liberal, austerity policies designed to squeeze workers for the benefit of the rich I suppose it isn’t surprising that Brian Bradbury-Pratt can write a letter supporting Brexit.

He starts with the referendum was about “taking control of our country”. No it wasn’t. Ordinary people had little say before the EU and will have little after.

His second paragraph refers to a “stream of migrants being encouraged to cross The Channel.” The economy needs migrants now and will do outside the EU. And people are legally entitled to seek asylum in any country, not just the first safe country they reach. The administrative rule Mr Bradbury-Pratt refers to (misleadingly) will no longer include the UK outside the EU.

He is wrong about the causes of two world wars and forgets the latter one was an international endeavour.

He ends with his belief that we can always rely on big business. This says much about Mr Bradbury-Pratt’s World view. With Trump’s comprehensive trade deal (web?) in place we’ll see how a big business-run NHS can be relied on.

Neither Brexit or the EU are about freedom. That will have to be won through struggles opposing the profit first priorities of the rich.

Peter Smith, Woodside Avenue

CCG part of the problem

With regard to the IMH debacle, a spokesman for the Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group states with all the solemnity they can muster that “The CCG is now working to identify potential local NHS based providers to support the five practices identified as being in need of change” The spokesman goes on to say that “This is a complex and time intensive process” to which I think many people would say “only because you make it so!”

The reality is that the CCG is part of the problem and most certainly not the solution. Senior managers have attended learning events held discussion groups and consulted with partners and stakeholders and generally engaged in what bureaucrats do best – talking!

The issues facing the surgeries are not new or unique, neither in the main are they clinical, indeed Abbey Meads (my own surgery) scored well with the CQC on patient care. The primary issues appear to be logistical and people related which a competent management should be able to resolve. But we should all be very clear that it would be a foolish person who put their trust in a supine CCG to find a way forward – it’s simply beyond their ability.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive

Iron fist needed, by Thor

In my eighty-three years, I have witnessed thunder storms from the mountains of Scotland to the European Central Plain: from the Baltic coast to the Mediterranean but NEVER have I witnessed the virtually continuous flashing and banging that we experienced over the night of July 23/24.

It would appear to me that whilst the relatively small section of our citizens who put into power over us this jolly hockey sticks Prime Minister, may believe themselves to be our saviours of traditional Rule Britannia; it is the Norse/Germanic.Thor, the God of Thunder with whom he will; be dealing and it would appear that, that deity is not well pleased!

A Joke? Perhaps? Or maybe not, so let us hope that the jolly hand shaking new PM is wearing a velvet glove over his iron fist to deal with Europe NOT US, or that other traditional British expression “soon you will be laughing on the other side of your face” may come to apply!

Terry Flinders, Upper Stratton

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