The UK’s biggest gambling firms have recently offered to increase the money they contribute to the government for tackling the issue of problem gambling.

The owners of Coral Ladbroke, Betfair Paddy Power,William Hill, Skybet and Bet 365 are willing to increase the voluntary levy that currently stands at 0.1 per cent of their gambling profits, to o one per cent over the next five years.

This would ultimately provide £100m per year for gambling charities, whereas last year only £10m was raised.

However the move has still drawn criticism for failing to go far enough.

Mrs Jones said: “The recent offer by the top five companies to increase this up to one per cent over the next five years is simply not good enough.

“There should be a mandatory one per cent levy on all gambling companies now.

“Why is the government dragging its feet on this obviously sensible measure?” she added.

“How many more of the 30 per cent [of gambling addicts] who fail to respond to treatment are going to take their own lives in the meantime?”

Mr and Mrs Jones are calling for the funding for gambling research, education and treatment to be put on completely secure and arm’s length basis.

“With a gambling industry that makes an annual net profit of £14.4bn, and a state which takes £3bn in gambling tax, it is outrageous that research education and treatment has had to muddle along with a mere £10m a year,” said Mrs Jones.