This week Tesco announced they would be making changes to their Metro stores which would put 4,500 jobs at risks.

Stores in Swindon, Chippenham, Cirencester and Shrivenham are all set to be affected by the changes.

Tesco has said it will “simplify and reduce processes and administrative tasks across all of our 153 Metro stores.”

Changes to the Metro stores include faster and simpler ways of filling shelves, employees working more across the store to improve customer service at the busiest times of the day and a leaner management structure.

Here is what you said on Facebook and on the Advertiser website:

Steve Foster: “Will the last person leaving Swindon Town centre please turn off the lights.”

Martin Little: “Greedy management with very high salaries, golden handshakes and pensions.

"Looks like Lidl and Aldi are winning.”

Clive Owden: “Good to see Tesco’s getting a dose of what they handed out a good few years ago to local convenience stores.

“Now Aldi and Lidl are starting to rule the roost, Tesco cut your prices, you can’t get away with it any longer.”

Bill Joss: “It’s nothing to do with Brexit, it’s more to do with internet shopping that’s killing your high streets.

“Start using the shops again and put life back in the town.”

Dave Granger: “Tesco are restructuring their business due to demand from customers and the retail environment.

“Tough for those effected admittedly, but if people don’t shop in places then what are businesses supposed to do?”

Lee Collie: “I use the store quite a bit and I come in from Pinehurst.

“They have some drinks which the Tesco Extra never carries.

“Whenever I’ve been in there it has always had a line of shoppers waiting to pay.”

Jennie Wolfie: “Sounds like another empty store coming to the town.”

Karen Wright: “All Tesco has to do it to reduce their prices. Simple!”

Sandra Edmondson: “The town centre is finished, how many flats can we get out of this space?”

Tracey Begley: “This is why I fear for my children’s future, nothing left in Swindon anymore and certainly no prospects.”

Sharon Matthews: “Now blank cheque Boris says we have a ‘strong economy’, the other Tories are like Emmet from The Lego Movie saying everything is awesome. I feel we’re being fed a load of rubbish.”

Sandy JP: “Can’t compete with the German chains currently undercutting.”

Robert King: “Cheaper alternatives are Aldi and Lidl but they are German owned and we want to leave the EU!”

Helen Leppard: “There will be no town centre soon!”

Pete Christian: “Not all, but most, town centres are suffering. Obviously not as bas as Swindon with so many of its shops closing, people are staying away and going elsewhere.

“Lots of big chain stores are looking ahead due to the decrease in foot numbers and town centres dying.”

We Need Change Now: "There is far more competition out there now with all the Lidl and Aldi stores going up everywhere so something had to give."

One Voice, Singing In The Darkness: "I wish all the staff well in what is clearly going to be a worrying time for them."

Silvergran: "Surprised if this one goes as it's always very busy.

"If the dilapidated Debenhams block gets demolished there's plenty of other empty places they could relocate to."