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Getting things wrong

Recently I was on a drivers awareness course, specifically a speed awareness course.

Yes, I was caught speeding on the M27 in Hampshire at 5.30am on May 21. The M27 at that time was totally empty, except for a police patrol car and myself. I was following the police vehicle. Wrongly assuming we were doing the correct speed to that area of road.

I turned off the M27 at the turning for the ferry port, the police car carried on .

Upon my return from holiday there was a letter for me from Hampshire Constabulary informing me I was to be charged with exceeding the proscribed speed limit.

I asked them about the police car I was following but never got an answer.

So I was duly offered this course.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the offer of the course. Yes I was in the wrong. It didn’t hurt anybody thank God, and personally I felt a strong warning would have sufficed. But yes I was in the wrong, along I assume with the driver of the police car.

I must say it was very interesting, the course I mean. I believe everybody on the course, and there were quite few was a speeder. There were about 40 plus on the course. Yes we all learnt a lot, things which we knew but had forgotten and the same with some of the rules. So very useful, to me at least.

During the course various points were brought up about roads, usage and design.

Yes, one of the old chestnuts came up yet again. The Magic Roundabout, of countrywide fame!

Everyone had heard about and an awful lot had experienced it. Everyone who had used loved it as it kept traffic flowing, No bottlenecks. Liked by all seemed to be the general consensus.

So why did our council in its infinite wisdom create the monstrosity at Greenbridge roundabout? It has been a total shambles from the very start. Always being modified in one way or another.

Does it let the traffic flow freely? The answer is a definite NO.

It has now lots of traffic lights to try and solve the problems of what is inherently an atrocious design blunder.

It’s our money the council is spending on getting things consistently wrong. Isn’t it about time they examined their own design capabilities?

Because they fall far short of what the town needs and also of any competent traffic specialist.

I don’t like to hack on about this, but unless something is done we are going to have similar blunders and atrocities forced upon us by incompetent councillors.

Do we really need or want this?

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

Giving up all hope

I came to Swindon in 1938. I was 8 years old and joined what is now known as Moredon Medical Centre from the town hall Empire House.

If you need help “ring at 8” but nothing available ring tomorrow, same answer. If you need tablets “ring another number” to be told “can’t give you them, ring the doctor.” Another long wait.

When I needed someone to call, a lovely tired nurse called. Guess what? She came from Chippenham, it probably didn’t look far from Swindon on a map.

I signed a paper saying “do not resuscitate” which is just as well as I would have probably snuffed it by the time they arrived.

At the age of 89, I’m giving all hope up. My doctors at Moredon and staff, when you can find them, are wonderful and I hope we don’t lose any of them.

Does anyone know where I can find a witch doctor just in case I need one in a hurry?

Hoping this will be sorted soon.

Lilian Spencer, Thames Avenue, Swindon

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