One of the popular choices was Super Pizza.

Located on Fleet Street in the town centre, this store carries a unique selling point, a 20-inch pizza - labelled 'extra extra large' on their menus.

Jazpal Sanghara, from Gorse Hill, said: “I really only go there for the massive pizzas.

“They’re great if you’re hosting a party because it can basically feed 10 people.

“Plus, for the price, you can’t really go wrong.”

One of these incredibly large pizza’s from Super Pizza would set you back roughly £17.

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Another choice recommended by readers was Ciao Eatalia in Highworth.

Although this pizzeria doesn’t produce a 20-inch pizza, it does provide you with a space to sit and relax to enjoy your meal.

On its site it proudly proclaims it is “Highworth’s only independent Italian Restaurant.”

Niamh Sadler, from Highworth, said: “It’s hard to pinpoint what I like about Ciao Eatalia, but the staff are always friendly and the pizza is always really good.

“Plus it offers other things if you’re not a fan of pizza, like pasta.”

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Somewhat more mainstream, Pizza Express was also high on our readers’ list.

Pizza Express has two Swindon locations, one out the Outlet Village and the other on Victoria Road in Old Town.

Liam Duke, from Nythe, said: “The food is great and I really like the calm atmosphere in there.

“There’s no screaming kids in Pizza Express, unlike other places like Pizza Hut.

“So if you want a romantic pizza meal that’s probably the best place to go.”

The chain, which is Chinese-owned, has over 470 restaurants across the UK including one in nearby Marlborough.

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Alongside Ciao Eatalia, Highworth Pizzaria proved to be a popular location.

Libby Hale, from Highworth, said: “The pizzas there are just the best.

“They have pretty thick bases which is great for me because I love doughy pizzas compared to thin and flimsy ones.

“It’s a take-away only, so you can’t sit in anywhere, but it’s worth the trip or paying for the delivery.”

The biggest pizzas this store offers are only 14-inches and that will set you back roughly £15.

The store is open seven days a week and remains open until midnight, leaving plenty of time for those late night cravings.

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A surprise entry on the list but the final popular pizza location was in fact Wetherspoons.

Swindon has three ‘Spoons in the town, The Dockle Farmhouse, The Savoy and The Sir Daniel Arms and all three have now started to serve pizzas after a successful trial from the company last year.

Abbie Fisher, from Upper Stratton, said: “The BBQ chicken pizza is ace.

“Plus it’s a ‘Spoons so you know it will be cheap and cheerful.”

The Wetherspoons website makes it clear that all pizza bases are pressed in the kitchen and are not pre-made.

All pizzas are cooked to order and aim to be ready in 10 minutes, considerably less time than any other pizza take-away.

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