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Holier than thou

It was interesting to read the comments from the various contributors to the debate on veganism and the environment.

One comment in particular is worthy on mention and that was from Sam Keating.

He opined “It’s strange how much hate people get from not wanting to eat dead bodies.”

I’m sure Sam meant meat but just couldn’t say the word!

I am not aware of any campaign group that actively undertakes to proselytise vegans or vegetarians or which demonises their choice of eating habit.

Whereas I am aware of groups which actively campaign and seek to persuade meat eaters to change their diets, even resorting to violent action in support of their self righteous view.

I think Sam attempts to make a claim for which there is little if any evidence.

But I would hope that the general consensus of live and let live would apply to anyone whatever choice of diet they choose.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Flag waving blimpery

David Collins has written another extraordinary letter to the Adver typically full of bluster and equally typically empty of any connection with reality.

Occasionally his letters attempt to draw on real life examples to back his crude flag waving.

Once he exalted the last night of the proms because he felt it showed Britain led the way in music; this when only 4 of the 13 composers were British and even most of those had drawn all their musical influences from abroad.

Then Mr Collins exalted Isambard Kingdom Brunel because he felt it showed how Britain led the way in engineering; this when Brunel was educated in France.

His father was a French refugee who would never have been allowed into the country if it had been left to Mr Collins.

In his latest letter Mr Collins turns to outright Colonel Blimpery. He imagines all aspects of current disputes between EU and UK Government are due to personal psychology and personal character traits of the direct “negotiators”.

Now Mr Collins exalts Boris Johnson, a pampered old Etonian who has always based his political positions on what is good generally for the rich - he always supported austerity policies which have made the rich richer while causing crumbling infrastructure and services, increasing child poverty etc - and specifically, good for himself.

Mr Collins concludes, “let the good times roll.”

I’m sure the intention of Johnson is precisely to do that for the very rich at the expense of the rest of us.

Peter Smith, Woodside Avenue, Swindon

Ridiculed or demonised

Jeff Adams in his letter ( Iran attacks its own, SA, August 5) condemns the Iranian authorities for its human rights abuses of its own people.

Back in January Jeff had a letter in the Advertiser in which he ridiculed four Iranians who arrived on the shores of the UK on Christmas Day.

The reason they fled Iran Jeff was to escape the human rights abuses and persecution which you refer to.

How can a person condemn the human rights abuses of a country, then ridicule those who flee it who are looking for a safe haven Jeff ?

Mr Adams has regularly ridiculed and demonised all those fleeing persecution, wars, etc, and who are looking to begin life in the UK.

How can anyone believe your concerns for those people facing human rights abuses / persecution in Iran Mr Adams?

Martin Webb, Old Town