A MOUNTAIN bike jump was lowered without permission - tripling the size of the drop bikers were expected to fall.

Volunteers spent several hours fixing the damage to one of the jumps at the free Croft Trail, off Pipers Way.

Steffan James, chairman of the MB Swindon club, said someone had dug out the legs of one jump - replacing them at ground level to raise the height of the kit.

“The gravel ‘down-slope’ at the end of the ramp had also been demolished, so that what should have been a six inch drop was more like 18 inches,” he added.

Organisers had been told of a number of accidents at the trail, with people taken by surprise at the unauthorised changes to the equipment: “The problem with the changes that were made is that you wouldn’t know what had been done until the last second.

“All the manhandling has also damaged the structure. I suspect that if this happened again, the whole thing would have to be scrapped.”

Steffan added: “The trail is for everyone - there will be lots of families riding around there over the summer holidays.

“The features there have been designed with this in mind so it’s important that they aren’t altered. Mountain Biking is a great way to get outdoors and keep fit, and I’d hate for anyone to be put off the sport by the actions of an inconsiderate few.”

The damage had since been repaired at the free mountain biking trail.