Con-artist has been trying to persuade people to hand over their cash by saying she needs to get home.

The woman has been reported to police in the area around the outlet village.

She has been using a number of different stories to try and con members of the public out of their money. 
Police are warning to be vigilant and to not give her any money. 

A spokesperson from Wiltshire Police said: "We have received reports of a woman pretending to need assistance from kind members of the public in order to obtain cash. 

"Saying she has no money and needs to get home, various stories have been given such as lost keys, lost money, needing to get home to sick relatives.

"There are often promises to repay the victim but this never happens.

"We had similar incidents in the past and we have an ongoing investigation.

"If you come across this woman please phone 101 to report it."

The police have put out posts on social media warning the public if they have been approached by the woman.