THE BROTHER of a Wiltshire CCTV company manager who snapped the Emiliano Sala’s post-mortem has criticised the behaviour as completely unacceptable.

Sherry Bray is a director of Chippenham-based Camera Security Services. The firm held a contract to provide out-of-hours CCTV cover for the Bournemouth mortuary where football ace Emiliano Sala was taken after his body was recovered from the English Channel in February.

She logged on to watch the post-mortem. Swindon Crown Court heard manager Bray, 48, allowed at the company “a culture to prevail where these sort of things could easily happen”. She admitted three computer misuse offences and perverting the course of justice. Colleague Christopher Ashford, 62, of Page Close, Calne, pleaded guilty to three computer misuse offences.

Following the conviction, Julian Bray, managing director of Camera Security Services, revealed he had suspended his own sister after the allegations came to light.

“We were utterly shocked at the completely unacceptable behaviour by two members of staff,” he said.

“I take the confidentiality and privacy of all our clients extremely seriously and when this incident was discovered we immediately suspended them both.

“We have fully supported the police investigation and are pleased that both individuals recognised the seriousness of this, and have pled guilty, bringing this unfortunate episode to an end.

“The unnecessary distress and grief this caused the family of Mr Sala, given the tragic circumstances of his death, is unforgivable. I extend my sympathy to them for what has clearly been a very difficult time.”