PEOPLE living with long-term pain can find out how to live better at GWH next week.

It is hosting a free health talk at the hospital's academy on Wednesday at 6pm.

It aims to help visitors manage their pain, reduce the problems and help them gain control of their lives.

Dr Lucy Williams is the associate specialist in anaesthetics and pain management and will be speaking.

She said: “Our aim is to help people understand that pain is not all in their mind.

“Long-term pain can often start with an injury. However for reasons not yet fully understood, the pain nerves can stop functioning normally and instead of switching off as the injury heals. They continue to send frequent pain messages to the brain. This means you can continue to feel pain even though the injury has healed and no new damage has occurred.”

Over a fifth of adults in the UK live with long-term pain and it can affect the way they live.

Anyone can go to the event, registration is not needed.