BROKEN glass surrounding the Crumpled Horn sparked safety fears about youths using the closed pub to drink and take drugs.

Residents spotted youths shouting and throwing bottles off the balcony of the Grade 2-listed building which is next to a community centre that doubles as a nursery and social club.

Kerri Adams at the social club said: "Our customers saw people throwing bottles off the balcony on Saturday. Kids have been up there off and on for weeks, sometimes you can smell cannabis while walking past

"We've swept most of the glass up but there are still tiny pieces on the floor out the front. I've told my kids to be careful, it's not safe.

"Unless someone chases them off, I can't see them stopping and they'll just keep coming back because it's easy for them to climb up there."

An anonymous resident, said: “It’s a right tip, it’s disgusting. There are gas canisters left outside, people have smashed cans and bottles, you can see them trying to get lead off the roof.

“The security company doesn’t clean it up, they just shut the front door. It’s been left to go to ruin and the grass is so tall it’s going over the fence.”

Security company VPS sealed up the pub and closed off the balcony but this has done little to deter people.

A VPS spokeswoman said: “The matter is in hand. We received a call about this earlier in the week and have passed all concerns to the client directly. It’s something that is going to be resolved."

A Wiltshire Police spokeswoman said: “There was a report on August 4 from a member of the public regarding a group of youths acting in an anti-social manner.

“Officers attended and found no evidence of forced entry at the site and the youths had left the scene.”

Star Pubs and Bars owns the building and has been trying to find new landlords for the historic tavern since it suddenly shut in April.

A spokesman said: “We’re looking to get The Crumpled Horn opened in the next few weeks and in the meantime are talking with the security firm about the issue raised.”

The previous landlords spent almost two years renovating the post-war local with hopes of turning it into a family-friendly social centre but then decided to manage a different pub.

The House that Jack Built nursery rhyme inspired the design and roof of the Crumpled Horn which was built in 1975 and earned a Grade 2 listing from Historic England in 2018.