People living in Stanton Fitzwarren had a mixed response to the plans for the huge solar farm next to their village.

Debra Boddington, who lives in Trenchard Road said: "I'm devastated by it, I'm very upset.

"A lot of people, and the parish council say that it's better than houses, but I think the devastation would be just as bad. I'm definitely going to object to the plan."

Steve Tomlin is the vice chairman of Stanton Fitzwarren Parish Council. He said: "It's going to happen. We've worked with JBM to make the plan better, such as putting it further away from the houses.

"We don't really want it, but it's probably as acceptable as we can get it."

Mr Tomlin's wife Lynn added: "It's a shame because it's beautiful countryside but it's better than houses."

Some residents were much more enthusiastic.

Sue Mackenzie said: "I think it'll be fine. They're going to screen it, and I don't think it'll be very visible and it's probably worth it for renewable energy

"I think we have to do more things like this to get more from renewable energy."

Jayne Price added: "I'm all in favour of it. It is beautiful country but I want there to be a planet left for my children and their children and their children. If we don't do this there won't be a planet left with climate change as it is."