A HUGE new solar farm could be coming to a village on the edge of Swindon.

And according to the plans submitted by JMB Solar, Corner Copse solar farm would run almost the entire length of Fitzwarren Stanton, between the town and Highworth.

The company says the farm would generate 49 megawatts of electricity at peak production.

That’s the equivalent of the energy needs of 15,500 houses, and would save 25,000 tonnes of carbon emissions compared to burning oil or coal.

The company’s applications says while 236 acres of land to the east of the village – the size of around 118 football pitches – will be covered in solar panels for 35 years, it will not have a major ecological impact.

In a statement, it says: “The site will be capable of dual-use farming during its operational period, with small livestock able to graze the land between and amongst the panels.

“In addition, the minimal physical intrusion of the development itself will mean that the panels can be removed after their 35 year life time and the land will revert swiftly to full agricultural use.

"In this respect, the proposed scheme will result in a less permanent impact than most other forms of development, including some alternative methods of renewable energy production.”

It adds that the low-level of panels, the way the landscape falls and the addition of screening trees around the site will prevent the site impacting on views from the village.

There are two existing solar farms on the eastern side of the village, one to the south and one at the north and the new proposed development would fill all the space between them.