MIXED-GENDER changing rooms at the Link Centre have come under fire from users who fear the move could attract perverts.

The venue on Whitehill Way is having the first major renovation of the changing rooms in 35 years.

But while the work is ongoing, it has set up temporary mixed-gender changing rooms until mid-September.

For Sheila Mitchell, it’s another good reason not to go swimming., it's another good reason not to go swimming.

The mum from Westlea said: “I remember when the girls were little and we took them in a changing room, we were afraid they would make a comment about some of the sights they saw. Some people don’t care.

“It is all about respect and etiquette. You should do nothing that upsets other people.

“If they must refurbish over the school holidays then maybe they should instigate sessions for men and women separately.”

Better, which runs the Link Centre, started the work during the summer holidays as there are fewer people using the facilities.

A spokesman said: “We want to keep the centre open for customers and have chosen the relatively quiet summer period to complete the works in two phases, providing temporary changing and shower arrangements in the privacy of private cubicles.

“Customers can still access single-sex change rooms elsewhere in the building if they wish.”

“The works are going well and will be finished by mid-September. When finished, customers will benefit from a significantly better experience with new flooring, lockers, vanity units and hair dryers.”

“As always, our door is open to customers and we are happy to hear any comments.”

When asked about the use of unisex changing rooms, Adver readers opposed the idea.

Selina Smith said: “No thanks. It’s unisex in the ladies' changing at the Link Centre at the moment and it stinks. Never had a problem before.”

Rachelle Deller said: “I won’t use them whatsoever. If they are brought in I couldn’t care less. As long as there are still male and female rooms.”

Sean Viggers: “Unisex changing rooms is just asking for paedophiles and creeps to spy on people while they change.”

Michelle Lawrence said: “No I think these things should stay female-male just out of respect for each other’s privacy.”

Janet Mayhew said: “You will always get that one pervert ruining it for everyone else.”

Judith Hill said: “No thanks. Even with cubicles, definite no from me.”

But some think that as long as there are cubicles, unisex changing rooms should not be seen as an issue.

Gordy Carr said: “Good idea if there are cubicles. Preferably mixed sizes of cubicles so families with kids of both sexes can all get changed and go swimming together..”

And Sarah Magill said: “The Oasis has been like this for years with no issues. ”