MUSICIANS GETRZ have been blown away by the support of Swindon Town after being featured in the club's social media videos.

The Swindon band were approached to use their music in videos promoting the new 2019/20 season and home games at the County Ground.

Consisting of lead singer Josh Heather, guitarist and vocalist Declan Casey, bassist Toby Pollitt and drummer Dan Geary, the band have been touring over the past two years.

Town fan Declan Casey said: “To have our music used by our hometown club is astounding.

“The support of our local team is a dream and an honour.

"It really shows the support for our local music scene.

“We were contacted by the club via Twitter about how they would love to promote a local Swindon band and enjoyed the songs we’re putting out.

“To have Swindon Town approach us is a huge privilege as football fans ourselves, especially of our local team.

"We felt ecstatic knowing they wanted our music to promote the new season.

“We hope that we can gain a few more fans from our beloved hometown, and that our music can motivate the boys to a win this season.

“We’re on tour this September around the UK as well so if you like what you hear, come check out a show.

“We would be honoured to do more projects and continue our work with STFC, as we’ve always said, support your local team.”

The video, featuring the song She Heard I'm a Dreamer, has since received over 9,000 views.

A spokesman for Swindon Town Football Club said: "Working with local bands is another area where we can more closely associate ourselves with the town and its culture.

"We got in touch with GETRZ because we want to further improve our connection with the local community.

"Last year, we worked with local MC, Chaney, on our matchday playlist and a competition to change our goal music.

"This year, GETRZ's music worked perfectly with some of the new video content the club is producing so we got in touch.

"We're always looking for local bands and artists to promote."

The band have received support from a variety of names across the music industry, including being tipped as Big in 2019 by This Feeling and Fred Perry Subculture, as well as having their records played on radio stations including Radio X and Amazing Radio.

Their new EP, Think of The Future, is scheduled for release on August 23.

On the new songs, the band said: “We wanted to take a different approach to the production and overall creation of the EP.

“Our debut EP, whilst holding a firm place in our hearts, just wasn’t who we were anymore.

“As with any band, progression is a very important part of our musical careers.

“With this new EP, we’d spent the best part of a year writing, demoing, brainstorming all different ideas and sounds until we landed on what felt the most natural to us.

“It feels like a starting place for something special, instead of just five tracks.

“We’ve spent nearly three years finding ourselves and where we fit in, and this is just the start.”

This summer the band have already managed to draw large audiences at Truck Festival in Oxfordshire and at the Isle of Wight Festival.

Their next live performance is at The Crofters Rights in Bristol on the same day as their new EP release.