A cross-party action group has been set up to lead the council’s efforts on climate change and see where its policies and actions can make a difference.

The cabinet member for corporate services and organisational excellence Keith Williams is chairman of the steering committee.

He said: “This really has to be a cross-party issue with co-operation form all sides of the council chamber.

“There’s no room at all for partisan squabbling or political point-scoring.

“There are a range of opinions across the membership of the council. Some are more concerned than others, but I don’t think there are any form either of the extreme ends of the spectrum of opinions.

“We are more pragmatic. We will be identifying areas where policies can be changed so we make a positive impact on climate change. And I want it to become something that runs through the DNA of the council.”

Labour’s Jane Milner-Barry is leading a sub-group, on buildings, industry and planning.

She said: “The council has a great responsibility to do everything it can to do something about climate change.

“The briefing was a great opportunity to ask questions about what practical actions we can take.

“I think we have to put thinking about the issue at the heart of everything we do. Climate change is the most important issue of out time, and we can’t just say we’re trying to be sustainable and carry on without making changes.”