It can be tricky telling the boss something he doesn't want to hear.

A video of a visit made to a prison in Leeds by prime minister Boris Johnson, and justice secretary South Swindon MP Robert Buckland suggests that Mr Buckland thought about it.

Then thought better of it.

The video, embedded in a tweet by ITV political correspondent Joe Pike is of the politician talking to an officer at Leeds prison.

The staff member shows the PM an x-ray of a prisoner who had secreted a Kinder egg about his person, presumably in an attempt to smuggle contraband into the jail.

Mr Johnson appears baffled, questioning the officer and then asking how the prisoner had got the egg,

Mr Buckland appears to be about to tell him, then quickly stops himself.

And his brief moment of indecision got him some attention on Twitter. Sebastian Payne wrote: "Come for Boris Johnson's surprise at the Kinder egg, stay for Robert Buckland's reaction."

Mr Johnson has recently announced that his government will spend an extra £100m on creating another 10,000 prison places by the 'mid-2020s' and to spend £1bn in hiring another 20,000 police officers by 2022.

Mr Buckland was appointed justice secretary by Mr Johnson last month.