A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl made a special sacrifice when she had her first haircut.

Jasmine Boobyer, a Covingham Primary School pupil, donated her locks to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children and young people with hair loss and funds vital research into childhood cancer

She told her proud dad Adam: "I couldn’t imagine not having hair".

Jasmine had been counting down the days to the big trim and added: “I was a bit nervous about it because I’ve never had my hair cut. But I’m so happy with how it is now, it’s quite short.

"I’m happy that my hair will be going to someone who needs it.”

Adam, 37, who lives in Nythe said Jasmine had likened her long hair to that of fairytale character Rapunzel.

He said: “It went really well – it was her first ever haircut.

“It was 17 inches long and she was very nervous but it went really quickly. She quite likes sitting in the hairdressers and having the attention on her.

Adam works as a sales manager for Imagine Cruising in Royal Wootton Bassett. The firm donated £350 to the charity.

There were some tears from Jasmine’s mum, Emma, when she saw the hairdressers getting to work.

Adam said: “My wife was a bit teary because it’s an end of an era but it’s quicker to get her ready in the morning.

“But Jasmine couldn’t have been happier when it was done as she started swishing her hair around. She really felt like Rapunzel as she got her cut short in the end too.”