He's one of SNDogs' longest -staying hounds.

Now the charity is going all out to find Sirius a home.

The six-year-old collie cross has been with the charity since January 10, but still has had no luck finding a home.

“He’s such a lovely boy,” said Moira Fraser, one of the charity’s trustees.

“He loves his cuddles and just wants someone to give him loads of love.

"It would make my year if we found him his own home.”

Sirius was handed into the charity, but has been placed in kennels as he suffers from separation anxiety causing him to become destructive.

“We’re looking for an owner who will be around a lot or most of the time,” added Moira.

“At the moment he can’t really be left for longer than about two hours. But once he is in his own home, this will be something his owner can work on and probably extend.”

Sirius is best suited to a home where he is the only pet with no small children.

“He needs someone who is a little bit dog savvy,” added Moira.

“He is strong on the lead, but with a bit of training he would be brilliant.

“He just loves to play with a ball. If an owner had a big enough garden, he wouldn’t even need to be walked. They could just throw the ball for him and he’d be quite happy chasing after it all day.”

Seven months unusually long for a dog to remain with SNDogs. It sometimes manages to rehome pooches within 24 hours.

Moira added: “There has been some interest in Sirius. But not everyone knows how to deal with separation anxiety.

"I think once he is in his forever home, he will settle down so much. Where there are plenty of balls and somewhere to run, would make the rest of his life.

“What we really want is to get him his own home by Christmas.”

If you want to give Sirius a home, go to sndogs.uk/adopt-a-dog/application-form/ and fill out the application form.

SNDogs runs a foster organisation from their base in Pinehurst, where needy dogs are looked after in a network of volunteer homes across the town.

The charity asks for a £200 donation for each dog when it is adopted, to cover the cost of previous care,including neutering, vaccination, dental work and flea treatment.