Temporary mixed-gender changing rooms at the Link Centre have raised concerns among users, who fear such facilities could attract perverts.

The changing rooms at the Whitehill Way leisure centre are undergoing their first major renovation in more than three decades. Unisex facilities are in operation while the work is ongoing.

Better, which runs the venue, aims to complete the work by mid-September.

Here is what our readers said on Facebook...

REBECCA HARRISON: “This is ridiculous. The changing rooms at the Oasis are mixed gender with family rooms and open showers for both men and women to use. It’s brilliant for families, especially for those with disabled children and single parents. I often had the difficulty of not knowing what to do with my son when I was on my own with him when he was around eight or nine and was uncomfortable coming into the women’s changing rooms but also scared of going to the men’s alone. Most schools have mixed-sex toilets or have the doors removed from the main toilet doors and just have rows of cubicles, as do many new places of work. It’s never a problem at a festival or when people visit holiday places abroad where there are same sex toilets or on planes and trains! As long as people have the option of a cubicle door to close behind them generally people are comfortable. This is a great step forward and opens up the door for not only diversity but more importantly common sense. It’s far more practical and welcoming to all. Well done Better.”

DAISY FISHER-MANSELL: “Oh my goodness, really? It’s only temporary whilst they refurbish the changing rooms, it does say on the notice board if you’re worried about using the changing rooms during the refurbishment, you can use the squash court changing rooms. Not ideal, I know, but there’s no reason to moan, really. The Link Centre staff have been very helpful and apologetic during this. I take my daughter swimming there every Friday and I’ve not seen anyone of any gender walking around naked.”

OWEN RICHARDSON: “If they were changing from mixed to separate there’d be as many complaints about how they are segregating identities and how wrong it would be in this day and age. It works everywhere else so get on it.”

STEVE PEARCE: “Everyone is assuming that unisex changing areas are all open and we all strip off in front of each other. That would never be allowed. Unisex means that everyone goes into the same area, gets into a private cubicle and gets changed privately...”

BECKI BOASE: “We should just draw a line around the earth – men on one side and females the other. Then annually, there will be a Hunger Games-type scenario where those chosen from each side meet in these dodgy (and quite frankly disturbing) unisex changing rooms and keep the human race alive. I can’t see any other way of it working.”

HAYLEY GOGGIN: “Cirencester pool is mixed changing. It’s all cubicles and I’ve never felt uncomfortable in them. I think it’d be a bonus if a fit chap walked by.”

JULIAN FARMER: “Then the swimmers who are not happy should not go there until the changing rooms are sorted. The alternative is to shut the pool completely and refurbish the changing rooms in one go, cue more complaints, probably from the same people.”

KEANA MARSH: “There’s nothing sick about it! You’re behind a door! Not changing in the middle of an open room.”

JACKIE NOLAN-CLARKE: “I don’t like it. Used it at the Oasis years ago – men and women in the showers, it’s a no no.”

ROB GREY: “I don’t see the problem, every water park in every country I’ve been on holiday to has mixed sex changing/locker rooms.”