ANGRY train passengers blasted another rail fare rise of almost three per cent.

Rail fares are set to rise again by 2.8 per cent from January 2 next year. This would lead to season tickets costing more than £100 for many journeys to work.

Andrew Howlett from Bristol said: “I think it’s wrong. It’s expensive enough as it is and not worth the money.

“We should be encouraging more people to use the railways but the ticket prices discourage them.”

Susan Curtis of Old Town said: “I love travelling by train but it’s too expensive to do it very often, I don’t know how people afford it.

“It’s cheaper to drive to London and park all day or fly to Scotland instead of using the train, which is a shame.

“It should be more like the trains in Europe, where it’s state-run and everyone uses them because they’re actually affordable.”

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Jill Stewart of Stratton said: “It’s terrible, I feel sorry for commuters because they must be spending thousands of pounds every year on trains.

“When I travel up to London, it’s so expensive and you can never get a seat and have to stand, which is ridiculous when you’re paying so much.”

Fares increased by the same percentage at the start of this year and again by 3.3 per cent the year before, which was the highest rise since 2013.

The cost of most train fares are set by train companies but about 40 per cent of fares in England, Scotland and Wales are regulated so that they are only allowed to rise by an amount linked to the RPI rate of inflation in July the previous year.