Driving instructors have spoken out against a possible ban on the use of hands-free devices at the wheel.

Ian McIntosh, CEO of RED Driving School which has eight instructors in Swindon, said: “Our instructors don’t tend to speak about the use of hands-free devices or mobile phones, but they do recommend that new drivers follow the law.

“All provisional drivers are made aware of the points system, and how it could affect you if you’re caught using a mobile whilst driving.

“Obviously every road death is a tragedy and we endeavour to teach people safety for life, not just to pass their test.

“The government needs to think about how banning hands-free devices might affect people like delivery drivers or taxi drivers, nowhere else in the EU bans these devices.

“You could be chatting with a passenger, kids could be loud and distracting in the back of the car, what about people smoking? All sort of things that should be considered before going after these devices."