We ran an article revealing there were 10,000 people in Swindon on the controversial benefit universal credit. Here’s what you had to say about it out our Facebook page...

Loretta Drogomirecki: Without being horrible here, I don’t understand why people don’t manage to pay their rent themselves?

Everyone else, who has a mortgage or pays a private landlord has to be organised or risks losing their home. It’s a responsibility everyone should be aware of and able to take on themselves. Setting up a direct debit takes two minutes.

And I am sure that a lot of people that rely on universal credit manage this just fine.

Paul Reid: The issue the article is getting at is that the universal credit system is very slow at processing any payments and they pay people late all the time. You can’t pay your rent if you don’t get your benefits paid in.

James Cook: I think the days of blaming people on benefits for the state of this country is over.

Pensions are the country’s problems and make up most of state aid.

Stop this nonsense any humane society should protect the poor and vulnerable not make them feel worthless, claim away because it’s there for a reason and let’s face it, it’s not easy you have to jump through hoops to get benefits and council tax reduction these days.

Every system will have people who abuse but remember your only ever a few paydays away from needing it yourself unless your rich.

Mark Wyatt: James Cook, are you for real? A pension is what you get after paying a minimum of 30 years national insurance contributions. So a pension is getting back what you have put in.

Get your facts correct.

Dave Durston: I’m on UC. I also work full time and my partner runs her own business, does that make us benefit scroungers?

We claim simply because we are a low income family with five children, two of whom are disabled!

Ryan Jacobsz: Very simple. Tories introduced benefit cap so nobody earns more on benefits than in work. Labour & Corbyn voted against the cap.

Sarah Mowat: I’m not on UC but am on disability.

I wishI could swap with anyone so I could go back to work but due to long waiting times for medical consultations and treatment, I've only just got a diagnosis nearly two years later!

So much suffering and the condition could have been made better if I was able to be diagnosed quicker.

I hate living in fear every day of my finances and have worked since I was 15. I hate it.