FOODBANK stocks in Swindon have been wiped out during the school summer holidays.

As an increasing number of families struggle to cope at meal times the Swindon Food Collective, which has donation points around the town, says it has distributed 1.2 tonnes more food over the past year than ever before.

It estimates that figure equates to around 1,000 more people in need of its help to put food on the table.

Cher Smith, the manager of Swindon Food Collective, told the Adver: “The summer holiday started slowly because not everyone got their vouchers before they left the schools.

"But we are getting more and more families in each week and sometimes our distribution centres are wiped out and we have to go and restock them very quickly.”

Cher noticed that one particular area of Swindon needed more attention and on Wednesday launched a new donation point at Morrisons in Haydon Wick.

She said: “We’re not collecting in this area as much as we could and we are getting more referrals through.”

James Baker-Ray, the manager of Morrisons in Haydon Wick, was more than happy to accommodate the donation point.

He said: “We are really looking forward to get behind it.

"We’re not where we should be when it comes to taking care of people.

"I would love to be in a position where Swindon doesn’t need foodbanks but it’s good we are doing something.”

Swindon Borough Council leader David Renard, who is the ward councillor for Haydon Wick, added: “It’ll help make sure that families are being fed and who need that support.

"People have already been really generous with giving baskets full of food.”

The Swindon Food Collective says it needs more donations to help feed the 5,500 people who go to them for help each year.

It hands out all of the donations given across its seven distribution centres in Swindon.

Cher says the collective is in need of tinned meat, coffee, sugar, tinned potatoes, biscuits, tinned fruit and veg, long-life milk and squash, as well as toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, razors, shower gel, toilet rolls, soap and shaving foam.

To find out more and locate your nearest donation point, visit