A STUDENT who struggled to keep up with the work passed his Btec and got an apprenticeship in a software company.

Anthony Rigby studied a Level 3 Btec engineering diploma and IT at UTC Swindon and passed all his subjects.

The 18-year-old said: “I am happy with the results, that’s all I needed.

“I had a lot of trouble this year because I couldn’t keep up with the work.

"I wasn’t exactly the best student, but my teachers helped me a lot.

“It was more because some of teachers were low-key so I lost my motivation.

“And in reality, I had two jobs and I was doing this, so it was very challenging.”

Anthony overcame difficulties to get into his apprenticeship at the software company CDK Global in Hungerford.

He added: “I was motivated to pass and get this apprenticeship.

"The company itself didn’t really mind if I didn’t get the grade but they still wanted to see if I did get it.”

The results have gained students places on sought-after STEM courses at universities including Southampton and Toronto and have laid excellent foundations for industry apprenticeships and employment, in engineering, digital technology and the British Army.

Principal Jon Oliver was pleased with this year’s results.

He said: “We’ve got 100 percent pass rate from both A-levels and the Btec courses we ran.

“We are absolutely delighted.

"It’s the best set of academic results we’ve had in the five years we opened."