The Swindon-based Chartered Institute for IT known as BCS welcomed the news that more A-level students are opting to take computer science.

Director Julia Adamson said: “Congratulations to this year’s computer science A-level students, their teachers and parents.

"The fact that the overall number of students opting to take A-level computer science has increased by a further 8.1 per cent is positive news.

"The entries for girls have increased by 21.8 per cent which is really promising and I hope we will to see year on year growth in students opting to study this important subject."

More support is available to computing teachers in England through the National Centre for Computing Education, of which BCS is part, that aims to increase the number of students who study computer science at GCSE and A-level, particularly girls and those from disadvantaged areas.

The Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson said: “Receiving your A level results is a huge day for all involved so I want to congratulate pupils, parents and teachers on all their hard work.

"I’m delighted to see more pupils choosing science-related subjects. This is encouraging particularly as we look to boost science in this country and the skills we’ll need in the future.

"Overall the reforms we’ve put in place since 2010 and increasing rigour in our schools are giving pupils more opportunities.”

STEM Learning chief executive Yvonne Baker said: “I’m delighted that the number of students choosing to study computer science at A Level is continuing to grow. High quality, knowledgeable teaching of the subject is fundamental to raising attainment and driving up participation, especially for girls. Equipping schools, colleges and teachers today ensures that England has a workforce suitably prepared for tomorrow.”