An old car repair garage site in the town centre will be developed into 23 flats. But members of Swindon Borough Council’s planning committee – even those who voted for it – were concerned by a lack of parking.

Harry Barclay, of Morse Street Developments, has been given the go ahead to build the apartments in three different-sized blocks on a triangular plot of land at the end of Morse Street.

The people who live in the 23 flats will have to share only 12 parking spaces between them.

Here's what you told us on Facebook...

Katy Little: Absolutely ridiculous! We have a residents' parking permit to park on our street in the town centre, it's hard enough finding space as it is. And then when the tented market gets turned into flats it'll be even worse. I've lived in town for 21 years and it's just getting worse.

Louisa Farrant: And you think the lack of permits will stop them parking there... I used to live in Morse Street over 15 years ago and it was bad enough then.

Sara Brown: And we all know Swindon has fantastic public transport so people don’t need a car – not! I now live in Dublin and this happens here but a lot of people don’t have cars but then they have multiple bus routes, DART and tram and cycle lanes.

Daniel Adams :There is no requirement for any parking in Zone 1. This goes well above and beyond the requirements it has to meet. Any new owner will be told by a solicitor they will likely not have access to a parking space and have no rights to a residents street permit. Anyone purchasing a property here will need to take this into account.

Paul Allen: Should never have got past planning. Who in their right mind would buy one with no parking? It’s a risky venture or brave by the investor. They won’t sell them all. It will end up as emergency housing or be rented to the council. I wouldn’t pay over £35,000 for one.

Alex Godfrey: So potentially 46 cars worst case assuming they are all couples and both drive – and 12 spaces available and no permits for surrounding area available. That will be fun...

Jill Cuss: Where are all these people going to work in Swindon that they won’t need their own transport to get to work? Not to mention they may dare to have visitors. Planning should not be given unless adequate parking is given. People are not going to give up their cars.

Paul Brown: Put underground parking in, or less properties. I bet if any of the big housing builders applied to build 500 homes with only 50 parking spaces the council would throw it out, double standards and should be blocked.

Kelly Diplacito: Could be worse, you could live in Wichelstowe with these silly parking restrictions being brought in!

Kate Hunt: Ridiculous how this gets the go ahead when if you apply to extend your home you have to ensure you have at least two parking spaces on your property.

Cathy Caulfield: Then where are they supposed to park? It’s ridiculous to approve planning for residential dwellings with no parking allocation! Perhaps they should only be sold to non-drivers. That’ll solve the problem...

Patricia McDonald: Twelve should be sold with parking and the others with none, there may be some people who don't want to drive. If anyone can park I imagine it wouldn't be a very neighbourly place to live as residents would be fighting over parking.

Mark Luszcz: In large cities in UK and Europe, underground parking makes a massive difference. Although it costs money to do it, it does make sense.

Colin Cleverley: In Manchester Road SBC have given away shop licences like sweets, not thinking where people will park, so they park all over the paths.