AN eco-conscious Swindon shopper is pushing for online retailers to reveal whether the packaging they use for deliveries is recyclable.

Valentina Vitale of Abbey Meads regularly buys groceries and cosmetics online but wishes big brands would make it clear whether what is being packaged and sold is sustainably-sourced can be recycled.

The 25-year-old said: “Online shopping is rapidly becoming more popular so it’s important that we think about where these products come from and make sure what we buy is sustainable.

“With this in mind while we shop, it helps the environment and could help to prevent further ecological issues.

“When shopping in bricks-and-mortar shops, you know what’s recyclable and what isn’t because you can check it then and there.

“However, when buying things online, there’s often no indication at all on the website about the packaging’s reusability.

“It’s frustrating because I try to become more environmentally conscious but so many retailers don’t bother providing any of these details about what they’re selling.”

Extinction Rebellion Swindon member John Ranford agrees with Valentina and supports her efforts.

He said: “The first step in becoming more sustainable is to be more open and transparent and provide information.

“The more companies that do this the better and then other companies will realise they have to step up. It’s vital for the consumer to know what’s being sold and how and whether the producers are actually thinking about the environment.

“However, it should not be entirely up to the consumers to save the planet. The government can effect widespread change far quicker than a group of individuals who are doing their best.

“Take the 5p carrier bag charge, for example, which caused a massive drop in the amount of plastic bags used around the country shortly after it was introduced.

“Legislation is the way to move forward with this but the government is not doing anything to help and is just letting the environment go to pot.”

Valentina hopes to get the government’s attention with a Parliamentary petition urging for action to be taken on this issue – but is struggling to get enough support behind it.

She added: “Even if nothing happens, at least it will contribute to the growing conversation about environmental sustainability.

“It could raise awareness of the issue, and perhaps even push companies to be more transparent about their products.”

Valentina’s petition is at