FREE parking is not encouraging Swindonians to go into the town centre more, a poll has revealed.

The poll was set up by inSwindon BID on Facebook last week and collected more than 1,600 votes.

And 70 per cent of those cast said that parking for free on Sunday is not enough for them to spend more time in the town centre.

A number of people have expressed their opinions on the Facebook page.

Lisa Savory said: “No. The town centre is dead. Full of empty shops, coffee shops and cheap tat. It’s a disgrace!

"I ventured into town two weekends ago as I was utterly desperate. I had not set foot in the centre for two years and I will not be doing it again.”

Diane Vincent added: “The town needs to be a lot cleaner and more shops to entice people into the town I don’t go in town now as its pointless no decent shops and certainly not clean enough for me.”

Some said they to travel to places like Bath, Oxford or Reading to do their shopping.

Catherine Waterfield said: "Most of the shops I used to enjoy have closed – most of the pound shops, the Disney shop, Wilko is a fraction of the size, the bank is only open in the week.

"The pubs are all really rough and the food in The Crossing is vile.

“It’s not worth the time. As another poster said, I spend £12 and go to Bath or Reading”

Stephanie Smith added: “I’d rather spend £12 and get a return train to Bath where there is a decent shopping area with actual shops, not pop-up shops.”