A PEDAL-powered thug lashed out at a family car in Blunsdon.

Now, police have issued an appeal for the balaclava-wearing cyclist, who has been spotted around north Swindon running red lights and testing the speed limit on his electric bicycle.

Sacha Elsdon, 24, said she was driving on Tadpole Lane near the Blunsdon and Cricklade Railway base on Saturday morning when her car was targeted by the yob. The woman was with her husband and their three-year-old son.

She had been waiting at the traffic lights by the humpback railway bridge when the cyclist’s mountain bike passed them at an estimated 35mph. The thug kicked the car’s wing mirror and booted the side of the car, causing at least £200-worth of damage.

“For us it was, obviously, quite terrifying,” the north Swindon woman said.

The incident had been reported to the police, but an emergency call handler said it would be difficulty to catch them without identifying details like a registration plate to help officers.

On social media, north Swindon drivers said the cyclist had been back in the Blunsdon area on Sunday – again causing havoc.

Ms Elsdon said: “One day they will be caught. I don’t understand how they can go around upsetting children, being so reckless and having such a blasé attitude to everyone around them. It seems they’re untouchable.”

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “We have received reports about a cyclist, wearing all black and with their face covered, riding around in north Swindon.

“An incident of criminal damage is alleged to have happened at around 10.40am on Saturday in Tadpole Lane when the cyclist kicked off a car’s wing mirror. It has been suggested that it is an electric bike."

Call Wiltshire Police on 101.