A YOUNG mum who was advised to leave her council flat before her former partner was released from a jail sentence imposed for beating her, is still looking for a new home more than a year later.

Amber Fiocca, her partner Kevin and her two sons are sharing a bedroom in her Kevin’s mother’s house in Greenmeadow and she says she has not been offered suitable council housing.

“I just want a place to live for me and my sons,” she told the Adver.

Swindon Borough Council says it has offered her two-bed flats which would be appropriate, but she says she wants to live somewhere her boys, seven and two, can continue going to the same school and nursery.

The 26-year-old said: “I was told by social workers that we should move for our own safety - we had a two-bed flat in Penhill.

“But the housing officer says he’s only been looking for two-bed ground floor flats in Moredon. I was offered a two-bed house in west Swindon, but I’ve already had to move my children out of school once.

“My older son was very shy and scared, he didn’t know anybody, it was a real disruption. He’s done well now, he’s made friends, he really likes it. His brother goers to the nursery at the same place.”

“I’ve asked for a two-bedroom place around here or in Pinehurst. Somewhere within walking distance or a bus ride here. I have family and friends in this area, a support network. I don’t think I should have to be moved away from that, especially for the benefit of the kids.”

While Amber is very grateful to her partner’s mother for taking them in, it means life is very cramped. She said: “She’s got one room, her grandson lives here as well, he’s in another - and Kevin, the boys and I are in one small double room.

“My older son comes in with me when my partner is away working, and the younger one is on a travel cot. And when Kevin is back the seven-year-old has a bed on the floor at the food of the bed.

“It’s not fair on my Kevin’s mum. She’s 73 and has pulmonary disease. She’s been really good to us, but she needs her own space. And so do we.”

Now Amber says she has been sent a letter demanding that she gives up her council tenancy on the Penhill flat.

She said: “They said I had to give it up or start paying £80 a week rent, which I can’t afford. If I don’t pay it, then I’ll be evicted I’ve been told.

“I don’t want to give it up, because then I’ll be making myself voluntarily homeless and the council won’t have to find a home for us at all.

“If I’m evicted because of not paying rent, that’s the same. I feel this isn’t fair.

“I moved out of the flat in Penhill because of social workers’ advice, because they said we wouldn’t be safe there. But now I feel that we’ve just been left on our own without any help from the council.

“I can’t believe that there aren’t any two-bedroom flats or houses in Moredon or Pinehurst that would suit us.”

The council says it has made several offers to Amber of new housing and it will continue to try and find a home for her and her sons.

A spokesman said: “Numerous attempts have been made to find alternative accommodation for our tenant, all of which have been declined.

“This included a place at the women’s refuge and an urgent move when we became aware of her personal circumstances.

“Whenever we provide an urgent move, it is our policy to arrange like-for-like accommodation in another part of Swindon in order to minimise any further risks.

“In the meantime, our tenant has been living in temporary accommodation and wishes to remain in the same part of town permanently.

“It has taken some time to find her a suitable home as there are limited properties in the areas she has chosen, not to mention a waiting list.

“We have asked our tenant to give up her current tenancy because her property has been empty for more than a year and she has told us in no uncertain terms that she will not return.

“This affects her entitlement to ongoing Housing Benefit and prevents the property being used as a home for another family in housing need.

But he added: “We will continue to work with our tenant to find her a new home.”