Andy Partridge, the former singer, songwriter and guitar player with Swindon's 1970s and 80s hitmakers XTC, has teamed up with Robyn Hitchcock, another critically acclaimed songwriter, to record an EP.

The duo's vinyl and cd Planet England, is the first release by Hitchcock since 2017, and the first album featuring Andy Partridge since 2012- although he wrote a song for the Monkees on their 2016 reunion album.

In a statement Partridge said: “Rather than these two big planets and their similar odd gravities repulsing each other, as might be anticipated, I can cheerfully tell you that it’s been one rather beautiful crashing creative event..that I want to repeat.

“Feels like being in a group again.”

Andy Partridge still lives in Swindon where he formed XTC in the 1970s, having a number of hit singles and albums and sharing popular and critical acclaim.

Planet England is available now from his website