A SWINDON DJ is organising an event showcasing local talents in memory of a friend.

Dale Colsell, whose stage name is DJ Cybernetic, decided to launch Cybernetic Soul six years ago after his best friend and fellow DJ Stu Campbell died at the age of 38.

He said: “I wanted to start this event to honour my friend and carry on his soul and memory. We used to play in different places in Swindon like Bank and Tree.

“Stu was passionate about the culture he was in, the music he played and was always concerned in being a good family member and most of all a best friend.

“We liked to socialise, and this event is something we would have done together.”

It is an opportunity for Dale to bring the community together in Swindon. He regrets the lack of social events in the town.

He explained: “I don’t think there is enough going on in Swindon. Nobody seems to get together anymore. This event is an appreciation of people, the community, local, friendship, and fresh tunes.

“It’s a good time for people to catch up and enjoy the Queen’s Park in the town centre. People are spending to much time on their phones and don’t appreciate what Swindon has to offer.”

Dale will play first and will then be followed by five other local DJs - Paul Carroll, Matt Baila, March Nicholas, Cee Double-e and Loon Dog.

The event is free of charge. He said: “It is not about money; it is really about getting people together to enjoy music and enjoy the basic things in life. I’ve been organising this event for six years because I want to give something to the community.

“Things have changed and there is less money for activities for young people. I always try to create something for everybody.”

The event on August 25 starts at 1pm.

For further information visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/223308031919476/