PARENTS in Swindon have been debating whether or not all children should be fully vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella.

Although some believe the vaccine is linked to autism, the majority of those commenting on the Adver's Facebook page are of the opinion that those starting primary school next month should be immunised.

David Beese said: “If you don’t vaccinate your kids, they should be banned from all schools, parks and other public places. Claiming vaccines don’t work is both dangerous and stupid in the extreme.”

Joanna Millin added: “Unless there is a medical reason why, then all children should be vaccinated. Do we have to go back to needless deaths and complications that these diseases bring with them before parents wake up and vaccinate children?”

Fernando Ferino said: “If all your children are vaccinated what you are afraid of? In your mind they are supposed to all be protected. I think you all should investigate and understand what a vaccine is and the financial impact it has on society and most importantly on your children’s immune system.”

Jacs Reddings believes parents choosing not to have the jabs are being hugely irresponsible, saying: “Vaccinate your children. I don’t want to lose a family member who is to sick for treatment because someone chose not to protect their children. It’s called herd immunity for a reason.”

Daniel Adams is on the side of parents vaccinating their young ones too

He said: “Any unvaccinated child, apart for medical reasons, should not be allowed to attend school. Simple as. Through no fault of their own they are a threat to other children.”

And Christine Nickerson commented the reasons why the vaccine is so crucial.

She said: “Measles can cause blindness or, in the worst case, death. Mumps can leave males infertile. I had polio when I was four years old, that was in 1950, when there was no vaccine.

"I was one of the lucky ones whose mum acted quickly and a doctor who recognised the symptoms. Because of his quick reaction I can still walk.”

Samara Minis said that she only cares about the facts coming from the professionals.

She said: “I take it the parents or guardians of these 5,000 children (not protected in the South West) have PHDs or know much more than the World Health Organisation.”

Freya Mears said: “All children and animals should be fully vaccinated unless there’s a medical reason not to, for example chemotherapy.”