One in 10 children in Swindon have not been properly vaccinated against the potentially fatal measles disease.

They are among 5,000 children in the south west who aren’t properly protected from measles, mumps and rubella.

So how do you spot the symptoms of the disease?

Measles starts with cold-like symptoms that develop about 10 days after becoming infected.

Individuals normally have a high temperature which may reach around 40C (104F) and small greyish-white spots in the mouth.

This is followed a few days later by the measles rash.

This distinctive rash is made up of small red-brown, flat or slightly raised spots that may join together into larger blotchy patches. 

It usually first appears on the head or neck before spreading outwards to the rest of the body.

For most people, the illness lasts around seven to 10 days.

You should contact your GP as soon as possible if you suspect that you or your child has measles.