Will Swindon ever become a city? That was the question asked in our special report on Tuesday.

David Renard, leader of Swindon Borough Council, said: “The average person living in Swindon would not care if they woke up tomorrow in a town or city.”

Here is what you told us on Facebook....

Martyn Ellis-Parker: "We aren’t attractive enough to gain city status, there are others before us and it has nothing to do with population.

"Development of our town is generated by investment and has little to do with who manages the town centre.

"The problem is we can’t attract that investment.

"This is cause by a lack of vision for the town and what in simple terms is joining things up and not isolated development.

"A town without vision will not attract city status."

Manni Madhani: "I want this town to be a city and develop. It never will on how it is now. Also, the Regent development is all wrong. Just mad. I could have done a better job myself."

Louie Lewis: "When I first lived in Swindon it was buzzing and a great place to be and, so much so, I wanted to come back.

"But since I came back after 15 years away I can see massive decline in the place. I see more life in Kingsdown cemetery.

"I really hope Swindon council pull their boots up and get Swindon a status it deserves if that is a town or city."

Kevin Webb: "I thought a city needed a cathedral, but it also needs to be vibrant, with lots going on such as theatres etc.

"Swindon is dull and boring and will always ever be a housing estate. Swindon city, it doesn’t even sound right."

Lee Bennett: "Once one of the fastest growing towns in Europe, once one of the most highly desirable places to locate to through either industry, commerce or residential. Now turned into boom and bust. Lack planning, infrastructure, development and foresight.

"The amount of industry and businesses that have left either through commercial, retail or industrial or the clerical, finance and admin sector has been alarming.

"Businesses have been leaving in droves. Offices left empty. Businesses leaving the area.

"The very centre has seen an outward ripple effect of places shutting down, leaving and left empty.

"Swindon for industry and production for example have seen a massive decline.

"From being born in Swindon in 1983, through today, Swindon has seen substantial declines and decreases in growth in key areas for which it was famous for."

Daniel Adams: "Swindon is constantly attracting new business across the board in different sectors and of different sizes.

"I honestly do no understand where people get this negative idea from.

"Swindon is near the top of many leagues for employment, growth, investment etc."

Mike Rose: "To be honest, I don’t think the town centre is much different to many others throughout Britain at the moment.

"I have been there on a Saturday afternoon, and it is not as bad a people make out.

"People just like to criticise and make things sound worse than they are."

Joe Robertson: "Swindon failed to be a city years ago when it was booming. Absolutely no chance now."

Kevin Maddison: "What gets me is… with all the thousands of new houses and flats being built up and hoping to create a better economy for Swindon.

"As quick as they’re going up, all the shops are closing just as quick!

"Maybe the borough should get some tips from London and Bristol.

"Swindon will likely always be just a stopover town stuck in that corridor between those two cities."