The Morrisons supermarket in the centre of Swindon might be about to close.

The 113 staff at the store in Regent Circus were told on Wednesday that bosses at the chain are thinking about shutting up shop. The Adver understands this could happen in November.

Here's what you told us on Facebook...

Chris Pittman: In fairness it seemed an odd choice of use for the space anyway. Redevelopment into a two-tiered set of bar/restaurants would definitely be a better option. It’s ideally placed between town centre and Old Town.

Liz Haunton: This really isn’t a surprise! We already have two other branches within the town, neither of which require you to pay to park (not a Morrisons decision I appreciate but still a faff even if you can claim the money back). I just hope they find a replacement soon otherwise it will be just another empty, derelict space within an already abandoned town centre.

Rachel Tomes: The complex should have been built at the bottom of town, really – minus the supermarket.

Neil Michael Robinson: An Aldi would be good. Morrisons was expensive.

Thelma June Jackson: A shame, I live near town centre and don't have a car. It was good to have a choice but admit I mainly use M&S Foodhall and Sainsbury's.

Lorenzo Gomez: They want to look at the parking. Who goes to a supermarket that you have to pay to park at? I’d rather to go one with a free car park (eg every other supermarket in the town). The machines don’t take cards which means you always need change and having to get reimbursed with that extra tear-off ticket is a faff.

Leigh Sean: It’s such a poor development and I’m not surprised it’s failing. All of the restaurants are hidden and the car park is ridiculous. It’s expensive and having a time limit is madness. It’s such a shame as it could have been a great place.

David Gartside: Too many supermarkets competing for the the same amount of customers doesn't help, with Aldi and Lidl cropping up almost everywhere you go.

Dani Batstone: I live in Old Town and don't drive, this is my nearest option other than Co-op or Tesco/Sainsbury's. which again are expensive. Will be gutted if this goes!

Julie Heath: Big names such as Morrisons, Argos, Starbucks, Thorntons etc that are not in financial difficulties seem to thrive everywhere else but Swindon town centre. Suggests to me the problem lays with the council's extortionate rents and business rates?

Marcus Jerome: When this store opened the new Dorcan one wasn't so that has probably taken trade away from town centre one. It's sad as it's a nice store but does attract undesirables in the car park at night. The problem is supermarkets tend to open up in triangles to each other so stores already existing will be affected.

Marcus Kittridge: This story along with all the other recent and impending store closures are symptomatic of a failing system of retail chain multiples that are built on masses of debt and rarely if ever have a positive cash position. Swindon (a bellwether town) will be recorded in the history books as the place where the south's financial services-based model began to unravel. Interesting times ahead. I can see Swindon becoming a Middlesbrough or a Merthyr Tydfil.

Rebecca Harrison: I have to say me and my husband would be so upset if this store closes. We love Morrisons and the cafe in particular is absolutely fantastic. The staff are really lovely and it's one of the only family friendly places to eat cheaply with lovely cooked food in the centre of town. Really upsetting news. I really hope they reconsider.