A brave teenager who battled a rare form of bone cancer during her studies has secured the grades needed to pursue her dreams.

Chloë Venton, 16, was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in May 2018 and now has now passed all her GCSE's.

"I'm so happy I passed.

"I really didn’t think I would, I came out of each exam crying and thinking I had failed," said Chloë.

She sat exams in Biology, English and Maths just weeks after finishing chemotherapy, and is now set on the path of realising her dream of becoming a paediatrician.

The nature of the cancer meant Chloë had to travel to the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville, America, for proton beam therapy.

"It basically meant I missed three months of the year for treatment, and I only went to one lesson," she added.

"So I really do feel like I did it all myself. I'm just really relieved."

The teenager had to sit her exams on her own in a separate exam room.

“Because of my weakened immune system and the infection risk from other students," she said.

“But I personally found it better, because when I’m in an exam I always look up and see everyone else writing when I’m stuck on a question and that makes me panic. Being by myself meant I didn’t have that,” she added.

Chloë will now go on to study A-levels in Biology and Maths as well as an additional GCSE in Chemistry at New College, as she prepares for her further medical studies.

"I've wanted to be a paediatrician for a long time, just to help other people and their families.

"Everything I have been through has helped me to see what it's like from the other side," she said.

Mum Joanne added: “We’re just so proud and happy that she even sat the exams. Whatever the results would have been, that was like a bonus for us really.

“Everything has been a bit nerve wracking over last through months. It’s been more like a whirlwind with everything happening really fast, but you still feel like you’re in a slow motion.

“But she’s done it, it’s amazing that she has; it’s such an achievement.

"Her dad, Gary, and I are so proud, we’re grinning from ear to ear.”

Chloë has been home schooled for the last four years by Joanne, along with her two brothers, Ryan and Jack.

“She’s just such a good pupil,” added Joanne. “She’s so dedicated and driven, I just had to say today this is what she needs to do, and she gets on and does it. Because it’s what she wants to do, it does make it easier.”

The teenager also recently found out that her cancer has stabilised, and so currently isn’t growing although she will never be rid of it.

“Currently there are no signs of growth," said Joanne.

“It the best we can hope for really, so it’s such a relief. Chloë will have scans every three months to keep an eye on it, and we’re just hoping things continues this way.”

Chloë encouraged everyone to pursue their dreams no matter what they're facing.

"You can still do it. Going through treatment sometimes it was hard not to give up. Everyone has those moments, but you just have to carry on as much as possible and keep positive," she said.