The Co-op Food in Stratton St. Margaret is closing.

The Hyde Road store, formerly a Somerfield, has announced it will be closing in the future.

There are up to 20 full time and part time staff that could lose their jobs to redundency as a result of the closure.

A spokesperson for the Co-op said: “The Co-op continually explores opportunities to open new stores, while also regularly reviewing our existing stores.

“Discussions to extend the lease on our Stratton St. Margaret store have not proved viable, and our lease is coming to an end.

“We are aware that the landlord is seeking a new use for the site.

"There will be a consultation period. Our colleagues are highly value, and have an opportunity to express their preferences. 

"Every effort will be taken to help those whose preference is to remain in employment with the Co-op to secure alternative employment

“The store will continue to serve the community until a date for its closure is confirmed."

Nothing is known about what will take the stores place in the future.