Wroughton: Plans to build 10 houses on the garden of Clevedon House in Woodland View Wroughton have come one very significant step closer.

Sue Hill, the owner of the property, was given outline planning permission for the small development after making her initial application in 2015.

The details of the layout of the houses, and landscaping of the site have now been approved, despite some concerns expressed by neighbours and the local parish council about the removal of trees and the access road and path.

The submitted plans show the 10 houses to be arranged around a single access road running west from Woodland View.

The layout was amended in response to concerns from the residents next door and Wroughton Parish about the road and the footpath, which initially appeared to be wider than the road itself - meaning mature trees would have to be cut don.

Applications for amendments to some historic buildings across the borough have also been approved

Railway Village: The owners of a mid-Victorian Baptist Chapel, built for the benefit of Welsh ironworkers who came to work and live in Swindon, have been given permission to replace the rear doors.

Matthew Connell and his wife live in the converted chapel in Cambria Place just south of Farringdon Park, which dates back to 1866 and is Grade II listed.

They will be allowed to replace the folding oak doors on the modern rear extension of the house - which will be made of the same material and appearance as the existing doors.

Badbury: When a qualified carpenter went to make repairs to the wooden windows in his centuries-old thatched cottage he found they were rotting away.

Joe Hines owns Whichway Cottage in Badbury Lane south of Swindon, which is Grade II listed and dates back to the 17th Century. He had agreed with planning officers at Swindon Borough Council that he could replace once of the window frames and repair others. But he told the authority that work showed seven of the windows were beyond fixing, with wooden frames rotting away and brittle glass.

Now planning officers at Euclid Street have signed off on the replacements Mr Hines made to seven windows, which pictures show are very similar to the originals, plus a replacement external door, a brick hearth and work on the chimney flue.

Wroughton: A farm diversification plan, which hopes to attract business away-days and people making a day trip to a nearby tourist attraction has been approved.

Farmer Douglas White who runs Overtown Farm to the south of Swindon will be allowed to convert a barn immediately adjacent to the main road into a restaurant and cafe.

He hopes to attract the passing trade heading to and from Barnbury Castle, the iron age hill fort near Wroughton. In the week he hopes the venue will be used by companies for management and staff meetings and off-site sessions.

Town Centre: After some back and fort between developers and planning officers, arrangement for storing bins at 2 Temple Chambers have been agreed. Hillstar Investments, which is based in Harrow Middlesex, is in the process of converting tow of the office units in the block into flats: two ground-floor studio flats, two one-bed flats on the first floor and conversion of the roofspace into one two-bed apartment.

Trees: Work has been approved on cutting back, or felling trees in three different conservation areas around the borough.

In Railway Village, four trees will be felled at the hub in Church Place. - one mature ash, maturing sycamores and one young oak. The reason is disease as the mature and maturing trees will also have their stumps treated.

A over-mature and declining oak in Hodson Lane in Hodson will be felled and three mature beech trees will have their canopies reduced in Westlecot Road in Old Town.