CUSTOMERS at the Clifton in Old Town got more than their usual mouthful when the hostelry staged an ale, cider and gin festival.

For as well as the drinks they were invited to give the metre-long sausage challenge a try.

Landlord Darren Turner said: “We are going more down the road of doing events once a month, last month we did an 80s festival, next month we’re doing an Ibiza end of summer party.

“We want to be doing more and more events.

He told the Adver: “Some of the beers we have here are from up north of the county, so it’s not something you would see every day round here.

“We’d like to see if we can get a couple of hundred people in, for a small street pub that’s a good number for us.

“I think people should come in and have a look for themselves, they might be quite surprised, it’s not your typical pub that you would see in Old Town.”

The Clifton, which also features it’s own beer garden and outside marquee, was busy with festivalgoers making the most of the warm and sunny bank holiday weekend weather .

Jordan Packer, one of the patrons, said: “I believe this is a great pub. It’s clean, up to date, modern different, it’s very well-kept.

“It’s got more of a London look.

He added: “It’s a bit more of a step ahead in terms of the trends, the range of drinks, there’s a good range including all of the new stuff.”