THE chairman of Stratton St Margaret Parish Council said the parish has been left shaken by Wednesday night's shooting near the Dockle Farmhouse and New Inn.

Coun Robert Jandy told the Adver: "Everyone was shaken by the incident as this was not something you would expect to see in Swindon, let alone Stratton St. Margaret.

"A big thank you to the police and ambulance services who were efficient and professional as ever in keeping everyone safe and informed. Also not forgetting the patience and calm of the individuals locked in during the incident."

The emergency services will meet with parish and borough politicians  to highlight parts of the parish that require extra safety support.

Coun Jandy added: "For anyone concerned, there will be a meeting on Tuesday between the parish, local council, police, fire, ambulance and other services to create a community safety group to examine local issues and what we can do as a community.

"If you have any thoughts and ideas then please contact me or your Stratton St. Margaret parish councillors."