A BILLIONAIRE wants to invest millions of pounds in revamping the town centre.

But Dr Laurie Marsh said the council has not contacted him about the £750-million plan.

This project could help bring a new university, a new theatre and even a monorail.

The council says the model is an ‘interesting concept’, but not the answer.

Here’s what you told us on Facebook….

Mat Read: “He wants to put a monorail in the town.

“People just want shops with stuff in that they want to buy. It doesn’t need a university (though I don’t think that’s a bad idea), a canal would be great (but not essential) ….

"People aren’t going to come into town for a canal.

“They are going to come into town for retail and may be leisure that they want, with reasonable charges for parkin. That’s it. Shops is what it needs. Not a monorail.

“Personally, I think there should be an encouragement to bring more leisure into the high street.”

John Sheppard: “Plough in what he likes, it will only be syphoned off like everything of value once belonging to Swindon.”

Damian Vaughan: “What a waste of money and time, who in their right mind would want a university monorail and a strip of houses?

“I’d rather have more shops to get more people drawn in, people have money to spend.”

Chris Hoskin: “How about ploughing the money into our roads instead. Then more people would want to visit the town.”

David Richens: “Someone who’s got 750 million spare change, can’t be as stupid to spend it on Swindon town centre or any town centre the high street is dead, knock them down and build houses on them, stop taking up green spaces.”

Gemma Hedges: “How about offering businesses a rent discount for the next three years while the town rebuilds itself. Businesses need to be drawn back in.”

Iain Morrison: “Would I spend that much money on a town that in 40 years hasn’t been able to save any of its heritage? Mechanics Institute, Locarno, Coate Water. Oh, and the designer outlet redevelopment was also narrowly approved.”

David Whitehead: “I guess the idea behind a Monorail, focal canal area etc is that Swindon is lacking a focal point. Oxford has sights, canals, museums. People generally feel more inclined to spend time out for the day if there is an option to visit hang out somewhere, combined with a bit of shopping. Just a thought.”

Sylvester King: “Why the negativeness at least welcome the idea and hope it happens. If you don’t like the town, there is always booming town like London, Birmingham. Move there.”

Colin Aston: “I can remember the artist’s impression monorail drawings when I arrive in Swindon in 1986. Better get them out of storage and scan them into one of those new-fangled computers.”

Sepp Pileggi: “To attract customers and new business, the town needs a focal point.

"The only place everyone in Swindon uses, and it works well, is the local tip in Cheney Manor.”

Sara Foofar Dommett: “Monorail? To visit what? University? You serious? Its going to be mainly houses.”

Michael Price said: “The town centre has got what it needs shops and pubs, put the money somewhere else like social housing, schools education, Roads, Parks and open spaces.”

Idy Lam: “Parking fees is the problem, please look at the evidence. The town centre has started to fall since the parking fees raise.”