She was neglected by her previous owners before being taken in by SNDogs.

Now the Swindon charity is hoping to find a forever home for the rescued Staffordshire bull terrier cross called Hope.

The seven-year-old hound was handed into SNDogs five weeks ago by her owners who could not afford the vet fees for a skin condition which causes Hope's her hair to fall out.

“We’re not sure what caused it,” said trustee and volunteer Clare Fantini-Stephens.

“It’s probable that she had an allergy or fleas which were not treated, causing her to scratch and scratch, which then became inflamed and infected. And then when left untreated it just got worse and worse.”

Hope’s condition is currently being treated with medicated creams and she often wears a special coat to keep this from rubbing off.

Clare added: “Eventually she won’t need treatment and her fur will grow back. But any new owner will need to be happy to continue with the treatment.

“SNDogs will pay for it for as long as needed, until the treatment has ended,” she added.

Hope is staying in one of the charity’s foster homes, alongside other dogs whom she has made friends with.

“She’s a lovely little dog, very friendly and rehome-able,” added Clare.

“We’re not sure why she has not been snapped up. We’ve rehomed quite a few Staffies in the past.”

Hope would suit a home with a couple or a family with older children.

“We only say this because when she plays she has got quiet sharp teeth so an older child would be more able to handle that.

“But she is so friendly, she loves people and having her tummy tickled.

“At her foster home she sleeps on one of the children’s beds at night. She loves company.”

The pooch enjoys going for walks and playing with her toys.

So far the charity has not had any inquiries about her at all.

“It could be her condition,” said Clare.

“Or it could be the fact that she’s a Staffy.

“But then again there are loads of people out there who love Staffies.

“Hope really would make a lovely pet for someone out there,” she added.

If you want to give Hope a home, visit and fill out the application form.

SNDogs runs a foster organisation, where needy dogs are fostered in a network of volunteer homes. It asks for a £200 donation for each dog adopted, to cover the cost of previous care.