The skate park in Haydon Wick is set for an £80,000 revamp this month.

The full plans for the new park are yet to be revealed but according to a request for quotation on the Haydon Wick parish council’s website any designs must include a variety of equipment including a 90 degree bowl corner, a quarter pipe, a small stair set and a flat bank.

Ellen Baker Lee, the parish councillor in charge of amenities and leisure, said: “The park has been there since 2008 and it is functional, but it is really in need of a refurbishment.

“We consulted with people who use the park and live in the area and we intend to keep up to date with the technology of modern time.

“It must appeal to all ages and be for the whole community, even if the majority who use it will be younger.”

Coun Lee was not giving anything away when it came to the design of the new park, she said: “We wanted it to have the best flow it can, we had a very big wish list for it.

“It’s going to be very different to what people are expecting, but in a good way, of course.”

Adrian Starrett, a neighbour to the current park, said: “I think it’s long overdue.

“My son is a regular user of the skate parks but prefers to go to West Swindon or Oasis as he thinks the Haydon Wick park is too basic.

“It only has a box and two quarters. It needs a ledge and some rails and a bowl.”

Tanya Nicholson, another resident in the area, said: "I think that any investment for kids to have somewhere to go is a good thing.

"I hope there's going to be some sort of CCTV however to stop it being damaged"

According to the parish council, construction is set to be finished around the start of October.