He was given an ultimatum by his previous owner – if he wasn’t taken in by SNDogs, he would be put down.

Now the Swindon charity is hoping to find a forever home for the boxer cross utonagan called Maverick.

The 12-year-old hound was handed in seven weeks ago after his previous owner decided they could no longer keep him.

“He’s a lovely dog,” said Sheila Harper, who is currently fostering him in Highworth, and has known him for many years.

“He’s just a big, old goof ball really. He’s a quiet, intelligent, gentle soul and a very good companion dog. He’s very loyal, once he decides he likes you. And he’ll just give you all the love in the world.

“Maverick just needs his retirement home now, he needs his own place with his own family who can dote on him because he’s getting to be an old man,” she added.

Before coming to the charity the pooch had spent up to nine hours a day on his own, and now can be destructive if left for too long.

“He can be a bit of an escape artist if he’s in pain or anxious,” added Sheila.

“But once he’s settled in a new home I don’t think he’ll have any problems. He just needs somewhere of his own, with maybe another dog for comfort and someone around most of the time.

“He does like company and would most suit a retired person who is there during the day,” she said.

Maverick can live with cats, other dogs as well as children, and only requires a short walk every day now he is getting older.

“He’s never shown any aggression towards kids, even if hurt or annoyed, he looks to an adult for comfort and security,” said Sheila.

She continued: “He loves to chase a tennis ball or rip it apart if he can, and he likes to be able to roam about a garden and lay in the sunshine. Maverick also loves water, and will splash around in a paddling pool if there is one.

“I’m really sad that I can’t keep him as I’ve known him so long, but he needs somewhere of his own,” said Sheila.

If you want to give Maverick a home, visit sndogs.uk/adopt-a-dog and fill out the application form.

SNDogs runs a foster organisation, where needy dogs are fostered in a network of volunteer homes. It asks for a £200 donation for each dog adopted, to cover the cost of previous care.