Wycombe District Council deals with hundreds of planning applications every year - but not all of them are approved.

They range from building new houses to extending the town’s shops and businesses.

Here, reporter Sam Hodgson looks at five of the projects rejected by the council throughout August.

Swindon Advertiser:

Applicants retain the right to appeal the decision.


Where is it?

48 School Road, Tylers Green

What is it?

A plan for the construction of a detached, two-storey garage with accommodation sitting on roof space above.

Why didn’t the council like it?

Planners ruled that the development would not be in keeping with the appearance of the main property.

The council were also concerned that the scale and mass of this project would have a negative impact on the local area.

They said the plan would: “harm the appearance, character and setting of the existing street scene, locality and Conservation Area”.


Where is it?

St Marks House, 1 Station Road, Bourne End 

What is it?

Plans to add another floor to a two-storey block of flats - creating four single-bedroom studio apartments.

Why didn’t the council like it?

The council said the development would not be suitable for the area; contrasting the area’s ‘sense of place’.

In particular, a change from the existing roof to a larger crown roof design was described as having a potentially negative effect to the street scene.

The council said the project would be “visually intrusive”.

Six neighbours lodged objections.


Where is it?

Red Chilli Sizzler, 7 Abbey Barn Road, High Wycombe

What is it?

Applicant wanted to change existing restaurant space into four one-bedroom flats.

Why didn’t the council like it?

The council criticised the applicant’s lack of provision for parking, voicing concerns of decreased public and highway safety if the project was given the go-ahead.

Planners say the development also had the potential to lead to additional on-street parking.

One neighbour submitted an objection.


Where is it?

Land between 28 & 30 Oakland Way, Flackwell Heath

What is it?

Plans to build a two-storey building housing two double-bedroom flats and two single-bedroom flats.

Why didn’t the council like it?

The council outlined that a project of this kind would likely be ‘overdeveloped’ due to its scale, layout and design.

The Local Planning Authority stated that the property would fail to provide a ‘high standard of living environment for all of its residents’, causing an ‘unneighbourly relationship with 28 and 30 Oakland Way’.

One neighbour complaint was lodged whilst another neighbour voiced their support of the project.


Where is it?

Willow View Windmill Lane, Widmer End 

What is it?

An application to extend an outbuilding.

Why didn’t the council like it?

Planners ruled that the extension of the outbuilding ‘would harm the openness of the Green Belt.”

The council outlined their concerns that the proposed project would be ‘disproportionate’ with the original property.

No neighbours lodged any complaints.