RECYCLING is set to be made simpler in Wiltshire, with new plans to make kerb side pick ups easier.

From February the only items to go in the black box will be glass ones.

Instead households will be able to put paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and food and drink cartons all in the blue lidded bin.

Wiltshire councillor Bridget Wayman said: “It has been a strategic aim to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

"Through improvements and diverting a significant proportion of waste that cannot be recycled to energy plants, the council now sends less than 16 per cent to land fill each year. "

This comes as figures published by the Environment Select Committee show in the last ten years the percentage of waste going to landfill dropped from over 50 per cent.

A food waste bin could be introduced from 2023.