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Election is needed

Parliament seems to have ground to a halt. This situation cannot continue. We must have a General Election.

None of the major parties have enough MPs to command a majority in the House of Commons, therefore parliament cannot pass any new laws.

Whatever your political viewpoint whether it be left wing or right wing, we can all agree on this one issue. We must have a general election.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

A question of trust

So once again we have the vision of MPs whose constituents voted with a majority to leave the EU undermining their constituents rights as promised by the then prime minister David Cameron.

Yes he retired before he could actually do anything. Nonetheless it was promised to us by the Prime Minister.

Since then we have had another Prime Minister Theresa May who quoted 108 times no deal is better than a bad deal. Now we have a cartel of Remainer MPs who are denying their constituents what they voted for. How can this in any way be described as democratic? Surely this is a case of profound superiority on the part of these MPs.

They in their small minded way are even trying to bring down the elected Government of the day and some have even changed their political parties. So that the people who voted for them and got them elected are not now represented by their MP?

We, the majority voted to leave the EU. We didn’t ask for a deal, indeed no deals was even spoke of by the public. And yes we knew what we were doing all 17.4 million of us.

But, sneaky MPs who didn’t think this would ever happen have gone back on their words. This applies to all MPs on both sides of the house. There were vast swathes of the North of England most of which are Labour Party lands and yet they voted leave. Now their party Labour are playing the same game as Tory Remainers.

There are many late leaders of the Labour Party who will be turning in their graves over how the party has let down its supporters.

It’s time that if they do not look after their constituents they should be disbarred from politics for life. Why? Simple because they have proved themselves to be untrustworthy.

Cheat once and get away with it and they will cheat again. It’s time the whole political structure was changed to represent what the constituents decide is in fact important.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

Better than television

OUR biggest thanks to our patrons that came to the wonderful performances of Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang, and and so generously contributed to the bucket collections after each performance.

We spent quite a long time counting and can’t thank you enough for the grand total of £1.269.98.

The show was as usual brilliant and we felt this year it was outstanding.The young actors had only nine days to practice, the costumes were fantastic and you wouldn’t see better in any theatre in London.

We couldn’t believe the talent that Swindon has. We definitely have more talent off television than on. Well done to you all.

I feel very proud to be on the committee that provides bursaries from our fundraising, this being one of our best years. And once again thank you all so very much, it was a pleasure to watch.

June Weller, Treasurer, Wyvern Foundation